Community Support

Community Futures Wild Rose

Community Futures Wild Rose is part of Community Futures Canada - a network of community economic development organizations across Canada. We are a not-for-profit customer service centre dedicated to assisting local businesses, individuals, and communities within the region.

We offer support to new entrepreneurs and existing businesses as well as communities seeking sustainable economic development initiatives.

Wheatland Family & Community Support Services

Wheatland FCSS is an 80/20 funding partnership between the Government of Alberta and participating municipalities that develops locally driven preventative social initiatives to enhance the well-being of community members.

Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce

The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber Of Commerce is a business organization formed by progressive individuals and businesses who work together to advance the commercial, financial, industrial and civic interests of our community. The Chamber’s strength is in numbers. Members, future members and businesses are encouraged to come forward with support and ideas. This is key to our collective success.

Community Groups