Community Groups

Hussar Sundowners

President: Ken Williams (

Vice President: Bill Howell (

Secretary: Ren Jensen (

Treasurer: Terry Armstrong (

This senior organization welcomes all over 50 to join in meetings and activities. There is morning coffee that many of the men enjoy; Tuesday night crib for anyone to participate (do not have to be a senior - just like to play). Monday afternoon the ladies meet for "Stich and Chat" - those who have been sick or injured in the community have likely received an afghan lovingly created by some of these ladies. After the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph coffee and lunch is enjoyed at the Centre. After the Summer Daze parade coffee and lunch is provided for all who wish to come at the Centre. To maintain the Centre the seniors work at Casino's and these funds provide for utilities, insurance and some fun activities. If interested please contact one of the Board Members. 


Hussar Historical Society

President: Terry Armstrong (

Secretary: Kristen Anderson (

Treasurer: Kay Slemko (

This organization is the reason that there are History Books! And the dedication to getting these done over the years is unbelievable. The contributions to the Community to honor our history or just to improve where we live (trees at Campground, the Cenotaph and maintenance, flowers in the boulevard, float in Summer Daze parade, etc) have exceeded $275,000 since the inception in 1990. The Board is always looking for members so anyone interested in what we do please call one of the Board members. There are exciting things to come!!