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MAP Review

With a focus on promoting an environment supportive of accountable, well-managed local governments, the purpose of this program is to:

  • support municipalities in strengthening their knowledge of mandatory legislative requirements with a primary focus on the MGA;
  • support municipalities in achieving legislative compliance;
  • support municipalities in being accountable and transparent; and
  • provide a collaborative partnership between Municipal Affairs and municipalities to address legislative discrepancies that may exist.

The Municipal Accountability Program consists of multi-year cycle reviews, ordered by the Minister under Section 571 of the MGA. While this program is available to all municipalities, upon the request of a council and with the approval of the Minister, municipalities with populations of 2,500 or less are automatically scheduled for a visit once every five years.

The Village of Hussar was randomly selected for a municipal accountability review in 2020.

Village Of Hussar MAP Report

20200709 MAP Action Plan Approved By Council

Viability Review

In April 2015, the Minister informed the Village of Hussar council that a viability review would be undertaken for the village in response to the village council’s request for a viability review. A viability review addresses a municipality's governance, finances, and infrastructure to determine whether changes are required for the community to become viable and may result in dissolution. Dissolution is a municipal restructuring process whereby a municipality is no longer a separate legal entity and becomes a part of its neighbouring municipality.
A viability review team (VRT) was established in 2015 to review and recommend whether the Village of Hussar is viable, and to develop a plan to address the factors contributing to the long-term viability of the village. The review included consultation with village residents and community groups.
The plan outlines the village’s current finances, governance, services, and infrastructure. It also highlights a number of viability concerns. This plan provides:

  • an overview and analysis of village operations over the past ten years;
  • the actions that the village council could undertake to address identified viability challenges;
  • a description of what Village of Hussar residents and businesses could expect to occur if the village dissolves and becomes part of Wheatland County; and
  • the outcome of the infrastructure study conducted as part of the viability review.

Viability Completion Letter

Viability Plan